In the last few weeks we have been contacted by various victims of abuse in Nottinghamshire Children’s Homes.

More than 100 complaints of abuse have been made since investigations began in 2010. The Police have set up Operation Daybreak which they describe as one of the largest criminal investigations undertaken by the Nottinghamshire force. It is investigating at least twelve separate homes in the Nottinghamshire area where abuse is known to take place.

The increase in enquires to our Abuse Claims Department from victims has risen particularly following the conviction of Nottinghamshire Children’s Home worker Andris Logins. Mr Logins is the first carer to be convicted as part of Operation Doublet and was jailed for 20 years for seventeen different offences at the Beechwood Community Home, Mapperley.

The Judge in the criminal proceedings described this as a “home from hell” where a brutal regime was in place resulting in children facing severe physical and sexual abuse. He was eventually imprisoned with offences including rape and indecent assault.

From my discussions with various victims of the Nottinghamshire Care Home scandal this is not unusual. There are many children who were raised in Council care who will have suffered similar abuse and it is hoped that more convictions will follow that of Mr Logins.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s leader Alan Rhodes confirmed that the Council would make an unreserved apology to victims for their failure to protect children in Council care. I would share his sentiment in welcoming the lengthy custodial sentence handed down to Mr Logins.

As a lawyer specialising in claims on behalf of victims of abuse I will now do my utmost to ensure that the adults who suffered during childhood in Nottinghamshire Care Home’s secure appropriate financial redress for their ordeals.

If you have been affected by any issues raised in this blog please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team today.