Statistics have revealed that an increasing number of couples are divorcing later in life in what some commentators are calling the ‘forty year itch’. According to official divorce figures, 13,678 couples aged over 60 filed for divorce in 2007 compared to 9,052 in 1997 – a rise of 51%.

Divorce in later years hit the headlines last year when an Italian couple aged 99 and 96 became the world’s oldest divorcees, the husband petitioning for divorce after 77 years of marriage.

It can be particularly important for couples who divorce later on in life to seek comprehensive legal advice from a divorce solicitor experienced in handling financial settlements upon separation. Whilst children are likely to be adults in such situations, there are other complicating factors that need to be addressed. Couples in their 60’s or older are more likely to have assets including property, savings and pensions, all of which can need to be taken into consideration during the divorce settlement process.

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By Antonia Love, Divorce Solicitor in Lancashire