On Friday 21st October 2016 it was reported that Gordon Anglesea, 79 from Old Colwyn has been convicted of one charge of indecent assault against one boy, and three charges of indecent assault against another.

The trail, which has taken place at Mold Crown Court found Anglesea not guilty of an alternative charge of serious sexual assault.

Following the jury’s verdict, which has taken more than one day to be delivered, Judge Geraint Walters has told Anglesea that “there can only be one sentence and that is a prison sentence.”

Anglesea has previously denied the allegations with his defence funded by the Police Federation.

He was arrested in 2013 as part of the National Crime Agency’s Operation Pallial investigation into historical abuse across North Wales.

The offences took place between 1982 and 1987 when both boys were ages 14 or 15.

One victim was abused in the showers of a Home Office attendance centre in Wrexham which was run by Anglesea who was a police inspector at the time.

Anglesea subjected juvenile offenders to a military-style short sharp shock regime of physical exercise, drill parades and woodwork classes on Saturday afternoon.  They would be made by Anglesea to do naked sit-ups and squat thrusts and then later loiter in the showers with a smirk on his face.

The second victim was initially sexually abused by another convicted paedophile John Allen, while living at the Bryn Alyn children’s home in Wrexham and the abuse sometimes involved other adults who used him ‘like a toy’

The second victim reported that Anglesea grabbed him by the hair and indecently assaulted him calling him scum and that he had the power the send him away.

Chief prosecutor of the Crown Prosecution Service Wales said Anglesea has been in a position of power and authority in order to prey on very young and vulnerable victims; however they are thankful that his victims have given evidence which have secured the conviction.

Prosecution have further reported that both victims have ben left damaged by the abuse and led chaotic lives of crime, drug and alcohol addiction.

This conviction will have been a meaningful step in the recovery process of the victims, who have had to live with what happened for a long time before seeing their abuser brought before the court and being brought to justice and may also be eligible for Criminal Injuries Compensation.

The victims may also be able to bring claims against their offender personally but unfortunately they often lack the assets to make this worthwhile.

For the victim who had previously been abused at Bryn Alyn, he may be able to bring a claim again the Children’s Home and we have already dealt with cases of this nature.

Cases of this nature show the multiplicity of potential claims that these victims can bring following their horrendous experiences.

These victims will have and most probably will undoubtedly still suffer significant psychological harm due to the action of Angelsea and there is unfortunately no getting away from what happened to them in their early years.

Here at Farleys our Abuse Department specialises in bringing Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims for those victims who have suffered sexual abuse, we are whole heartedly committed to achieving the justice that the victims quite rightly deserve.  If you have been affected by any issues raised in this blog please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team today.