Once you move past the media’s fixation of ‘January Divorce Month’, there is a real, pressing concern that lurks beneath the surface of the tabloid headlines. The issue of where couples should turn when faced with the breakdown of a relationship which will inevitably threat to upset the stability of their family life.

Research released by relationship support charity OnePlusOne reports that a quarter of parents who inhabit the same household as their partner and children have secretly considered separating from or divorcing their partner.

The question remains why is it that partners chose to confide in no one regarding concerns about the breakdown of their relationship? A further poll conducted by OnePlusOne found that whilst 6 in 10 people will admit they and their partner are struggling with their relationship, 23 percent chose not to seek help or support from family, friends and even professional networks such as therapists and counsellors.

Statistics indicate that couples struggling to make their relationship work were reluctant to enlist the help of a professional despite acknowledging that doing so could make a positive difference to their relationship.

It would appear that many parents contemplating separation or divorce are unaware of where to turn for advice or support. The latest Government statistic released would seem to reaffirm this view: reporting that 52 percent of parents found it difficult to access the support they need in order to agree future child care arrangements following divorce or separation.

For parents deciding to separate, children, and child matters, form a key source of contention between both parties. Further research collated by OnePlusOne on a group of 14-18 year olds with divorced parents found that one in three felt their parent had tried turning them against one another during their dispute. Evidently, this statistic highlights how some parents are not only failing to shield their children from the feuds between themselves and their ex partner but actively involving them in the conflict.

In any case where parents are contemplating separation or divorce keeping the lines of communication open between both parties is essential in giving couples the best chance of resolving arrangements concerning children and money with minimum contemplate. Seeking legal advice early is also paramount in ensuring an agreement is reached between parents at the earliest opportunity.

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