We were approached by client C who is nearly 40 years of age. As a 14 year old he used to walk to and from his secondary school. His journey unfortunately took him past the house of a paedophile.

This man groomed client C. He gained his trust and eventually persuaded him to go into his house. A pattern of abuse began initially with inappropriate touching eventually progressing to client C being made to engage in masturbation and oral sex. The abuse took place over a 4 year period.

Client C suffered significant psychological problems as a result of this abuse and found it very difficult to talk about what had happened. The CICA have strict guidelines in relation to time limits and claims should normally be submitted within 2 years of any assault occurring.

In this particular case we were able to persuade the CICA on client C’s behalf that there were good reasons why he had not brought the claim sooner and we are finding that the CICA are maintaining a sympathetic attitude to the victims of abuse who feel unable to bring the claims for many years because of the psychiatric effects of the abuse and the humiliation that the Claimants feel.

Client C was delighted to accept an offer from the CICA of £16,500.00 to compensate him for the abuse he had suffered. The claim was helped by the fact that client C had recently reported the matter to the Police. Whilst a prosecution was not brought against the abuser it did come out that the man had abused various other boys and had already been convicted and sentenced to 10 years in Prison for indecent assault of others.

This case again shows that it is never too late and that if you have been the victim of historic abuse you should contact a specialist Solicitor for advice.

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