A joint investigation involving both UK and US Authorities has led to the successful prosecution of the chairman of a charity providing music therapy for children around the world. The charity boss, Simon McCarty has been given a 30 year sentence for sexually abusing young children.

McCarty received his sentence at the US District Court in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is originally from Surrey and the case gained further publicity due to the fact that he is the son of the drummer from Yardbirds; a band that famously featured Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page in the 1960’s.

The charity chairman also received a sentence involving a lifetime of supervised release and was ordered to pay over £61,000 in compensation.

The conviction involved crucial work by West Midlands Police after a young boy came forward with important evidence. It is often very difficult for victims to talk about what has happened to them; leading them to suffer in silence for years. The boy, who was groomed by McCarty for years before then being sexually abused by him, has been praised for his bravery. The ten year old provided vital evidence to the US Court. Investigations also uncovered that the charity boss had abused a six year old in Nepal.

The investigation in this case is unique in that it encompassed a number of jurisdictions worldwide. McCarty’s charity provided drum therapy to children throughout the world; setting up orphanages and helping third world children.

McCarty’s history involved abusing a number of young boys and the production of child pornography videos between the years of 2005-2007.  When his bag was searched at Hawaii airport, officials discovered 400 child pornography photographs and 200 video clips of child abuse. Some of the videos were home made and showed McCarty committing serious sexual acts on children.

Unfortunately this story demonstrates that sexual abuse perpetrators are present in all areas of society. At Farleys we are helping clients to pursue compensation claims for abuse against parents, teachers, carers and other individuals who, on the face of it, would seem to be pillars of society. We also understand how difficult it is to come forward and talk about what has happened but we have a number of solicitors specialising in this area who understand the sensitive nature of each case and are experts in helping clients receive the compensation they deserve.