Mr G approached Farleys’ personal injury team about the prospect of making a claim for compensation after he suffered an injury following an accident at work.


Mr G was a factory worker at the time of the accident and was unloading a case packing machine when he noticed that the stopper needed adjusting. As he adjusted the stopper, the tip of his dominant thumb was crushed in the machine. His thumb was then trapped in the machine which required dismantling and it took ten minutes before it could be removed.

Mr G attended his local A&E where it was established that he luckily had no fractures but he had experienced a closed soft tissue crush injury to his right thumb which had damaged the sensory nerves to the tip.

Mr G was off work for several days before returning to light duties. He was unable to fulfil his hobbies such as riding his bike for a few months and needed assistance with everyday tasks such as writing, opening doors, and using a knife and fork.

How Farleys were able to help

Mr G instructed Jade Jump of Farleys’ personal injury team to pursue a claim for damages against his employer on his behalf. His employer admitted liability straight away.

Jade instructed a medical expert to assess the extent of Mr G’s injury and the required treatment, and they placed a 12-18-month recovery period on his.  The expert concluded that Mr G has reduced grip strength and pinch grip.

Mr G was keen to settle his claim quickly so Jade entered into negotiations with Mr G’s employers which took into account the extent of the injuries and successfully settled the claim for over £5,000.

Jade Jump commented,

We were pleased to have settled Mr G’s case successfully, providing him with the funds which reflected the injury he suffered and provide a sense of closure on his experience.

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