Ms G approached Farleys’ medical negligence team about the possibility of making a claim after her failed sterilisation.


Ms G had three children and, on the birth of her third child, had taken the decision to have her fallopian tubes tied as she felt that the impact of a fourth child on her mental health and finances would be too much.

After Ms G had given birth to her third child via a caesarean section, she was under the impression that the procedure to tie her fallopian tubes had been completed successfully.

Unfortunately, three months later, Ms G discovered she was pregnant once again. Standing by the decision that she would not have any more children, Ms G took the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy.

As a result of this experience, Ms G felt extreme guilt which impacted on her mental health and her relationship with her partner.

She was angry that she had been put in the position of having to terminate a pregnancy and sought compensation for the trauma it had caused.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Ms G instructed Jane Chadwick of Farleys’ medical negligence team to act on her behalf in a claim for failed sterilisation against the hospital trust. Jane instructed medical experts to establish whether the procedure had indeed failed and to report on the impact of the experience on Ms G’s mental health, including any treatment she may need to help her cope.

The hospital trust admitted liability and accepted that the procedure had failed.

The claim went through NHS Resolution and Jane entered into negotiations for a financial settlement to cover the pain and suffering the negligence caused for Ms G. She successfully negotiated a settlement of £10,000 which Ms G was happy to accept.

Jane commented,

Ms G made the decision for her and her family to have her tubes tied, and due to the negligent treatment she received, she had to suffer the guilt and trauma of terminating her pregnancy. We were pleased to have been able to secure this compensation for her and hope the funds will allow her to access the treatment she needs to bring closure on her experience.

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