Mr and Mrs K approached Farleys’ medical negligence specialists after suffering the tragic loss of one of their twin babies due to negligence during their birth.


Mrs K was 37 weeks pregnant with twins when the decision was taken to admit her to hospital for induction as one of the twin’s growth had stopped. This twin was delivered with no problems and was born healthy.

The second baby was breech and was also experiencing a blockage from the umbilical cord. Due to serious negligence on the part of the medical professionals in theatre during the birth and the failure to have a senior consultant present, the second baby was delivered with serious health issues.

Tragically, Mrs K’s second baby only survived for three weeks before passing away.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Mr and Mrs K and their family were understandably devastated by the loss. They were also angry at the apparent negligence which caused this and sought redress for the pain and suffering as well as the financial loss they had experienced.

Mr and Mrs K instructed Jane Chadwick and the medical negligence team at Farleys Solicitors to act on their behalf in a claim against the hospital trust.

The inquest into their baby’s death was ongoing during the initial stages of the claim and the family were supported by Farleys’ inquest team.

Our medical negligence team arranged for expert medical reports into what had occurred during and after the delivery of Mrs K’s second baby and arranged for psychiatric expert reports to assess the psychological impact of the incident on Mr and Mrs K, including any future treatment needed.

Mrs K required care and assistance from family at home in daily tasks as she recovered from her trauma. The family also incurred financial costs in the burial and funeral of their baby.

We submitted the medical negligence claim against the hospital trust on behalf of the family and entered into negotiations for a financial settlement which covered the losses mentioned above.

We successfully negotiated a settlement of £63,000.

Jane Chadwick commented,

This was an extraordinarily sad case. Mr and Mrs K should have welcomed the arrival of their healthy twins but instead suffered the unimaginable pain and grief of returning home with only one baby. If it wasn’t for the negligence experienced, their experience could have been very different. We hope that, while nothing will make up for the loss of their baby, this settlement will allow them the financial stability and access to treatment needed to find closure.

If you have suffered the loss of a baby as a result of medical negligence, you can discuss your case in the utmost confidence with a specialist at Farleys. There is no obligation to proceed with a claim and you can take the process at a pace that suits you and our team will be on hand to support you throughout. Call us today on 0845 287 0939, contact us by email, or talk to us through the online chat below.