As an Operator Licence Holder your ‘O licence’ is key. It is the heartbeat to any haulage company. Just like the heart, keeping the ‘O licence’ healthy is absolutely vital, this will allow the logistical running of the business to operate free of risk of curtailment, suspension or even revocation by the Traffic Commissioner.

Falling foul of the strict regulations surrounding the ‘O licence’ will throw your company into the DVSA spotlight and the subject of an investigation. It will call into question the integrity of the business operator and the individual drivers.

The OCRS Score was first introduced in 2006 and is the system that identifies vehicles which are likely to be ‘non-compliant’ and brings them to the forefront of VOSA’s attention as vehicles that should be inspected.  The OCRS Score calculates the rules on roadworthiness [condition of vehicle] and traffic [drivers’ hours, weight, etc.]

The OCRS Score is traffic light system of red [high risk] amber [medium risk] green [low risk]. The first 12 months of a new operator licence will be in the grey.

There are several detrimental implications that a red OCRS Score can have on your business. Logistically, if vehicles are more likely to be inspected at the roadside, it can interfere with routing, timing of deliveries and drivers’ hours. This will ultimately impact on the companies’ overall professionalism and corporate image.

The most serious of infringements referred to as the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ include;

  • Exceeding the maximum six day or fortnightly driving limits by 25% or more;
  • Failing to have a tachograph or falsifying tachograph information;
  • Using a fraudulent digital tachograph drivers card or one belonging to another driver;
  • Driving a vehicle with significant safety defects or without a current test certificate;
  • Carrying dangerous goods which have not been identified as such;
  • Driving without a current valid driving licence;
  • Significant overloading [20% or more overloaded for vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes GVW, 25% for vehicles up to 12 tonnes GVW]

Such offences will undoubtedly mean you find yourself answerable to the Traffic Commissioner.

Are you a driver or an operator? Have you been accused of any of the above offences? Have you received notification from the Traffic Commissioner of a public inquiry? Do you require representation? Call our transport law specialist on 0845 287 0939 or complete our online enquiry form.