A survey of businesses in the UK has urged the government to review and simplify Health and Safety laws in the workplace.  The report, commissioned by the British Chambers of Commerce and surveying over 6000 businesses in the UK, found that small to medium sized businesses are struggling with the current laws as set out in the Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008 and are often misapplying regulations due to the volume, ambiguity and complexity of ‘red tape’.

The report also uncovered that fear of the extent of health and safety regulation was preventing them from employing staff, as a fifth of the  1,000 sole traders surveyed admitted concerns over complying with rules was a “total or significant deterrent’ to hiring their first member of staff.

According to the report, current Health and Safety laws in the UK are costing UK businesses over £4 billion.

As specialists in the defence of Health and Safety prosecutions and investigations, Farleys assist many business owners who have been accused of breaching health and safety laws. Such breaches are taken extremely seriously by the Health and Safety executive, who will undertake a thorough investigation of any company accused of violating the law.

Whilst the current law may be over cumbersome and in parts difficult for business owners to follow, the law is in place for a reason – to protect workers from coming to harm in the workplace – and until such a date that it is changed, the law needs to be followed.

The solicitors at Farleys can help business owners and directors to make sense of the often ambiguous rules and regulations. If you do find that you have fallen foul of regulations, it is essential you seek advice from a specialist in the defence of health and safety investigations at the earliest opportunity.

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