A Burnley man who suffered severe injuries after a head on collision with another driver has received £30,000 in compensation to help cover the costs of rehabilitation and recovery, after being told by another solicitor that his claim was valued at just £3,000.

Warren Smith instructed serious injury experts at Farleys Solicitors to investigate the accident, which left him unable to drive for months and forced him to resign from his employment as a Contracts Manager which involved driving long distances and being away from home.

The 50 year old from Burnley was travelling on the A671 Bacup Road on 8 March 2012 when a car turned around a bend on the wrong side of the road and collided head-on with Mr Smith’s car.

The driver of the other vehicle sadly died from their injuries, and Warren suffered multiple injuries, including his head, chest and back. Four years on, he still suffers from psychiatric injuries caused by the accident, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression.

Warren’s specialist legal team at Farleys Solicitors have secured £30,000 from the other drivers insurers, which will cover the costs of on-going rehabilitation and therapy – something which would not have been possible had he stuck with his previous solicitors, who had not taken into account the serious psychological injuries that he suffered as a result of the accident.

Warren said: “People should not underestimate the consequences of car accidents and I’m lucky to be alive.

“I’m still haunted by the events of that day and my injuries are a constant reminder of the fact that someone died in the crash but I am just incredibly relieved that through Farleys I now have access to the care and support that I need to move forward with my life.”

Nick Molyneux of Farleys Solicitors represented Warren and commented:

“This case is a terrible example of the life-changing consequences that road traffic collisions can have on those involved, and this crash has obviously had a massive impact on more than one family.

“I’m just glad to have been able to secure such an important settlement, which would not have been achieved had Warren acted on his previous solicitors advice. Hopefully this will now allow him to move on with his life and access the best support to put this traumatic event behind him.”