The family of a man who died following an incident in a hotel pool in Egypt whilst on a Thomas Cook holiday with his carers are still being “kept in the dark” as to the circumstances of his death, over two years on from the tragedy.

Greg Roult, 27, was a young man with some disabilities who needed support from the local social services department. The tragic incident unfolded whilst he was staying at the five star Hotel Sonesta in Sharm-el-Sheikh in March 2015, with his two carers employed by Lancashire County Council.

On 26 March 2015, there was an incident in the resort’s swimming pool whereby Greg suffered a seizure. He was found lying at the bottom of the pool and was subsequently lifted to the surface by his carers. Medical assistance was summoned to the resort but sadly he died later that day in hospital.

The exact circumstances of this tragic incident are yet to be determined. There are a number of questions to be answered pertaining to Greg’s care and supervision whilst in the pool, medical support available at the resort, safety aspects of the pool, including lifeguard support and the chain of events from calling an ambulance to Greg’s hospital admission.

Greg’s parents, Angela and Stephen Roult have instructed expert inquest lawyers at Farleys Solicitors to help them get an explanation into the circumstances as to how their son died and to know what lessons can be learnt in order to prevent anyone else having to experience the same ordeal.

The family’s solicitor, Kelly Darlington said:

“Angela and Stephen are distraught at the death of their son and cannot understand how this was allowed to happen. The family want those whose failings led to Greg’s death to be held accountable.”

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