It’s easy to fall in love with an old building in Britain, but for those who seize the opportunity of owning a historic home there is a word that strikes fear and joy in their hearts – listed.

Buying a listed property is something that should be thought about deeply as there are strict rules as to what work can be done to the property. Despite its complications it can still be the right choice for you so here are 4 things to keep in mind when buying a listed building.

  • Most work needs approval
    It’s not to say that work can’t be done on the property such as replacing the kitchen or bathroom, but unless there are already permissions in place you will be required to gain consent from the local authority, this work cannot be done ad hoc. Before carrying out work you would need to seek advice from a special planning officer at your local authority who can advise on what work can be done and whether planning applications will be necessary.
  • It’s all affected
    If a property is listed then all of it is affected, even the area around the building. Certain parts of the property such as a fireplace may be more significant but as a rule of thumb the whole property will be affected in some way.
  • Make sure it has permissions
    If the property you’re interested in buying has already been altered you need to make sure that all permissions are in place and have been complied with. If you don’t it could result in the local authority taking action against you to rectify the earlier breach at your cost.
  • Have the property surveyed
    Ensure the property is surveyed by a qualified professional with experience of listed buildings. With listed buildings being older properties it is essential that you are aware of any defects/ works that’s required before you buy.

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