Hearing loss has become a widespread health concern affecting all age groups, costing the NHS an estimated £450 million a year. A new report into hearing loss commissioned by a number of health organisations has identified multiple health and social issues attached to the condition, setting out a number of objectives targeted at improving support services.

Aside from the impact hearing loss can have in children, restricting and inhibiting their development of language the study revealed hearing loss could also have a detrimental affect in adulthood. Hearing loss was attributed to decreased chances of employment and also left adults vulnerable to developing mental health problems.

Set out in the report were five key objectives:

1) Prevention: taking proactive steps to reduce the number of people who suffer from noise induced hearing loss by immunisation and early screenings. The date utilised through these practices would also allow professionals to gain a better understanding of the social, health and financial implications attached to hearing loss.

2) Early Diagnosis: For certain groups such as babies and young children diagnosing hearing loss at an early stage will be a key target for professionals in an attempt to improve the outcome for those affected. Diagnosing other at risk groups in the early stages will also be another priority in improving the health services available.

3) Integrated Services: re shift the focus on reducing the developmental and educational gaps that can often ostracise adults and children from mainstream learning through personalised care plans.

4) Wider access to support: improve access to public health care at all stages, including access to technology and employment support.

5) Positive learning outcomes: increasing employment opportunities for young people and adults is essential in maintaining a healthy social balance that can be offset hearing loss.

The above report highlights the wider social implications hearing loss can have on a person’s well being, drawing attention to the personal consequences that face suffers alongside the social and economic implications. If you or a loved one has been affected by noise induced or industrial hearing loss you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim. Consulting a solicitor who specialises in hearing loss claims is essential in ensuring you receive a compensatory package tailored to your personal needs, including on going health and medical support.

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