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Legal Advice on Image Rights

The law in relation to image rights is becoming increasingly complex, especially as interest in the lives of celebrities and sports and media personalities grows, alongside do the number of ways images can be used and shared.

Farleys provide a comprehensive legal advice service in relation to all matters concerning image rights. We regularly advise clients on image rights laws and contracts pertaining to the use of an individual’s image  or  personality.

What is an Image Right?

Contrary to what the name suggests, an image right can actually refer to anything which could sufficiently identify a particular person to the general public. This can include:

– Image or ‘likeness’
– Personality
– Name, nickname or catchphrase
– Physical nature or mannerism

Image rights might also be referred to as personality rights; the personal rights to control the commercial use of a person’s identity and associated images.

We understand that the phenomenon of celebrity and global iconicity has inflated the value of image rights and an individual’s image can be a highly valuable commodity. Effectively managing the use of one’s image and personal brand can be a vital element in the commercial side of being involved in the public eye; especially where there is an involvement in sponsorships, endorsements and other such commercial agreements.

The converse of this is in cases where others have exploited or misused an individual’s image for their own gain, which can in turn have a detrimental effect for the individual.

Our media lawyers are able to advise individuals both in relation to protecting and exploiting their image, and reaching a remedy and, where appropriate compensation, where there has been an infringement of image rights by another party.

Image Rights Law in the UK

Unlike other parts of Europe, the UK does not currently have any established law on image rights. However, there are various other protection methods available such as trade marks, passing off laws and Human Rights laws. The combination of the above rights and causes of action do afford a decent level of protection which enables both celebrities and non-celebrities alike to exploit and protect their image and brand very effectively.

Farleys Solicitors can help ensure that clients whose images are being used are well informed, which will help to ensure that reputations are not tarnished. Farleys Solicitors can advise on all areas of Image Rights protection and enforcement. Whether it is for the promotion of a major brand or the protection of a personal or professional reputation, our team is ready and able to help.

Contact an Image Rights Lawyer

To speak to a media lawyer in relation to image rights, or any other legal issue you may have, please do not hesitate to contact Farleys today on 0333 331 4986. Alternatively, you can email us and one of our experts will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

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