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Business Crime Fraud Farleys Solicitors LLP

Active Cases – Fraud and Business Crime

Active Cases

Please find below brief descriptions of serious fraud, business crime and regulatory court cases in which we are defending clients, or investigations in which we are working towards having clients not prosecuted.

Fraud and Business Crime:

  • Operation Wizardry : Multi million pound tobacco smuggling case and alleged conspiracy to fraudulently evade duty over long period of time, with alleged associated theft of corporate and personal identities, fraud, and money laundering.  Two of the defendants are former Police Officers.
  • Operation Inertia : R v. RAH & 14 others – a very successful conclusion to this massive alleged VAT fraud in that we succeeded in having the case against our client dropped in October 2011.  HMRC described this case as “the biggest ever case of its kind” involving alleged £160m VAT fraud (Carousel / MTIC) involving mobile phones.  A linked but much less serious matter is still pending before the Courts.
  • Operation Valgus: R v. LC & Many Others – London CPS Fraud Office and North Wales Police Economic Crime Unit investigation into alleged multi-million pound conspiracy – mortgage fraud involving numerous professional persons.  We act for mortgage packer.  Case pending at Mold Crown Court.
  • Operation Savate: R v. SD & NG & others – CPS and HMRC Prosecution of alleged payroll fraud within the construction industry nationally.  Case to be tried in Birmingham 2012.
  • Operation Ply : London Fraud CPS / West Midlands Police prosecution of alleged multi-million pound mortgage fraud involving 4 solicitors and 4 others.  We act for a solicitor based in the North of England.  Case to be tried at Birmingham Crown Court Autumn 2012.
  • Operation Hornbeam : Large scale HMRC prosecution of alleged evasion of duty on importation of cigarettes valued at approximately £20m. Case based in East Midlands.
  • Operation Brimstone – Alleged multi-million pound mortgage fraud investigation involving numerous suspects.  We act for a conveyancing solicitor.
  • Operation Nanobot: R v. PAE & many others – CPS and North Yorkshire Police Economic Crime Unit prosecution of alleged fraud with international elements involving Government department (DEFRA) and a substantial amount of money, and thereafter money laundering with high value motor cars and gold bullion.  Linked prosecution of alleged MTIC / Carousel VAT fraud. Case pending at Chester Crown Court.
  • Operation Raiment – Alleged conspiracy to defraud, perverting the course of justice, money laundering etc linked to very large scale pay-roll revenue fraud (Operation Digit) pending at Birmingham Crown Court in 2012. The defendants include professional persons.
  • Operation Enigma : CPS and HMRC prosecution of alleged £200m money laundering of funds abroad via a money transfer business in the North West of England.  Case to be tried in Manchester in 2012 / 2013.
  • Operation Nacho : Large scale Police investigation in the North East involving very substantial alleged insurance fraud known as “cash for crash” cases.  Over 60 defendants facing trial in total in 2012.  Case based in Newcastle.
  • Operation Gentium Violet : Joint Police / HMRC / Trading Standards / Border Agency investigation into large scale alleged revenue fraud, money laundering, illegal immigration, and counterfeit goods at licensed premises in the North West of England.
  • Operation Indiana II – Cheshire FIU investigation into large scale money laundering involving a solicitor and his Practice.
  • Operation Hosh: R v. SL & many others – SOCA investigation into alleged money laundering involving very substantial amounts of money over many years.
  • Operation Slyness: R v. NA & 8 others – case pending at Manchester Crown Court.  HMRC prosecution of alleged VAT Carousel Fraud involving the clothing trade.
  • Operation Caliper: R v. KDE & 6 others – banking fraud involving approximately £1.4m and identity theft. We act for the bank manager. Case pending at Birmingham Crown Court.
  • R v. OB – City of London Police Economic Crime investigation into alleged fraud by false instruments namely £1bn of Brazilian  Bearer Bonds.
  • R v CHH – Accountant accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from his employer, a national sports company. Case to be tried at Liverpool Crown Court.
  • FSA v L – Financial Services Authority investigation in to Brazilian land investment scam with connections to Belize and Hong Kong.
  • R v VA – DWP investigation into scam claiming benefits for deceased persons resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds of benefit monies.

In addition, Farleys’ Serious Crime Unit are currently instructed in three murder cases and a number of other serious sexual/violent offences.

Serious Crime:

  • Operation Chaplin : massive alleged importation and then distribution of Class A drugs from South America into England involving over 20 defendants.  Case pending at Liverpool Crown Court.
  • Operation Fairway : case involving large scale supply of Class A drugs in the North West of England, pending at Preston Crown Court.
  • Operation Evergreen : Large scale drug conspiracy centred on the North West concerning the importation and distribution of cocaine and cannabis throughout Lancashire and Cumbria. Case pending at Preston Crown Court.
  • Operation Unerring – Police investigation into alleged sexual assault at the home of a Premier League footballer.
  • Operation Dareton – Case involving series of armed robberies of Post Offices and other commercial premises in the North West of England, pending at Manchester Crown Court.

Corporate / Regulatory:

  • Trading Standards v SG Ltd – Prosecution for alleged unfair commercial practices by company representatives. Case pending before Coventry Court.
  • Trading Standards v BD Ltd – Investigation concerning inadequate and inaccurate labelling of food products being offered for sale to consumers.
  • R v F – Prosecution concerning unauthorised construction of buildings and failure to comply with Enforcement Notices.
  • R v A – Council prosecution of individual for allegedly cutting down large number of mature trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders in designated conservation area.
  • Operation Pandora: R v. GB, DB, RB & others – Environment Agency prosecution of alleged unlicensed movement / storage / dumping of hazardous / toxic waste in various parts of the country.
  • Operation Cobalt: Environment Agency prosecution of alleged unlicensed dumping / hazardous / toxic waste in the North East of England. Multi-handed case that will be tried at Newcastle Crown Court in 2012.
  • Trading Standards v W Ltd – Large scale prosecution by Trading Standards of company and its directors concerning alleged ‘clocking’ of commercial motor vehicles. Case to be tried at Preston Crown Court in 2012.
  • Trading Standards v SL Ltd – Prosecution by Trading Standards into alleged wrongful trading by the directors of company now in liquidation with debts approaching £1 million.
  • Operation Erta: R v. DG – West Midlands Police investigation into corporate manslaughter following death by electrocution at newly built apartment block.
  • Department of Business, Innovation & Skills v AB, JB, & NB – defending prosecutions of company directors and ‘shadow director’, concerning insolvent companies with debts approaching a million pounds. Case pending before Manchester Crown Court.
  • Trading Standards v Q – Large scale investigation by Trading Standards in connection with selling of counterfeit good on E-bay.
  • Environment Agency v GRS Ltd – Investigation into the unlawful export of waste to Vietnam.

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