The mother of 12-year-old Shukri Yahua Abdi, who sadly drowned in a river in Bury, has raised concerns that more help should have been offered by local services to support her daughter.

ZamZam Canab Ture relocated from Somalia to the UK with her family in or around 2017 in search for better civilian rights for herself and her children.

Greater Manchester Police has concluded that Shukri’s death was not suspicious. However, her mother has stated that her daughter had been severely bullied for several months prior to her death and has requested further investigation to take place. Shukri’s mother stated that she had informed the school on numerous occasions that she was concerned that other pupils at the school were bullying Shukri.

Shukri attended Broad Oaks Sports College. The School has indicated that it is working with Shukri’s mother and her family and is reviewing the way it tackles bullying and had been in contact with Shukri’s family.

In a video posted on social media, Shukri’s mother stated that she “wants something done” to enable her to find “the truth” about her daughter’s death. She has stated that the police had not been entirely cooperative with her.

Shukri’s cousin, Mustaf Omar Mohamed, has described Shukri “wanted to make friends and get along with people” and that she “put a smile on everyone’s face when she was around”.

This case is a clear example of a vulnerable child who was unlikely to have been adequately supported. There may have been missed opportunities by staff working with Shukri to recognise and appreciate her level of risk and ensure that she was prioritised and received the help and support she needed.

Shukri’s family have indicated that they are looking for assistance to further investigate the circumstances surrounding Shukri’s death. This may culminate in an inquest being called to ascertain how this young girl came by her death and whether Shukri was failed by any public bodies.

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