Client L approached Farleys in 2016 after suffering physical, mental and sexual abuse at the hands of her step-father from the age of 6 until she was 14.

The abuse had a significant impact of Client L’s mental health, resulting in erratic behaviour, self-harming, and weight problems.

Jonathan Bridge, the head of the abuse team at Farleys Solicitors agreed to act on Client L’s behalf and applied to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for compensation.

How Farleys were able to help

The CICA initially refused to allow the claim as it was ‘out of time’.

Farleys argued that Client L should be able to bring the claim outside of the two-year time limit due to the matter being recently reported to the police and a trial was due to take place.

Client L’s medical records were applied for, sent to the CICA, and an offer of £3,300 was received shortly after under the tariff scheme.

Farleys advised Client L that we would request for the CICA to review their decision on the basis that the award failed to consider the psychiatric impact of the abuse.

In order to support Client L’s review request, the team recommended she see a consultant psychiatrist to be professionally assessed and for the claim to be quantified correctly. The report was supportive, allowing the abuse team to secure for a greater award.


From their initial offer of £3,300, the CICA reviewed their decision and in 2022 made a second offer of £19,000. This included compensation for her mental injury as well as past and future loss of earnings. The CICA were also persuaded to pay the cost of obtaining the psychiatric evidence.

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