Head of London’s Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, has asked that a retired High Court Judge, Sir Richard Henriques review Scotland Yard’s criticised investigations in historic sexual abuse cases.

Sir Hogan-Howe has brought in the former High Court judge to look into how recent inquiries, for example the inquiry into Lord Brammall and Lord Brittan were handled, with only “key” findings to be published thereafter. The full review will contain confidential and sensitive information and will be a private document for the eyes of the Commissioner only.

Also to be addressed is the controversial Operation Midland inquiry – which has looked at allegations of child sexual abuse against various public figures. Operation Midland was launched in November 2014 following allegations that boys had been sexually abused more than 30 years ago by a paedophile ring which centred in and around Westminster.

The purpose of the inquiry is not to be confused with the public inquiry which is currently being conducted and headed by Justice Lowell Goddard – Sir Hogan-Howe has commented that the review will “focus on police procedures and will not reach judgments on the evidence….that is for the public inquiry to do”. The overall aim of the inquiry is to establish how a better balance can be achieved between the duty of the Police to investigate complaints, the interest of suspects, victims and complainants alike. Clearly, there is always scope for improvement to ensure that all complaints are the subject of rigorous investigation to ensure that victims can seek justice in these horrific circumstances.

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