How to effectively tackle serious crime in the North West has been a question that has constantly plagued the region’s police forces. Illegal road activity between Cheshire and Merseyside in particular was highlighted as fundamental concern due to the link between the use of illegal vehicles and other serious organised crime.

As a result the North West witnessed the implementation of one of the largest partnership operations, spanning three regional force areas in an attempt to crack down on crime involving over 500 offices from five forces. Operation Cross Bow, as it was officially called was hailed as a huge success in the fight to disrupt illegal activity and organised crime across the Cheshire and Merseyside borders.

Criminals rely on unpoliced roads to facilitate the further commission of crimes, with the route between Cheshire and Merseyside being highlighted as a gateway for criminal activity and illegal behaviour. Whilst the main focus of the operation was predominantly to target vehicle crime- as rates of theft had risen significantly across Cheshire – the force also made substantial progress in the policing of drug related offences. Overall the success of the operation can be measured against the total number of arrests and seizes which included:

• The stopping of 700 vehicles which resulted in 39 seizes
• The arrest of two disqualified drivers
• Three positive road side drug tests
• Three arrests in relation to the intent to supply class A illegal substances
• The arrest of two men out on police warrant
• Four arrests for burglary and two on suspicion of theft
• Two arrests on suspicion of affray
• One arrest for the possession of a weapon.

The DVSA, HMRC and Trading standards also played a vital role in assisting the force throughout the operation which succeeded in its aim to tackle the use of roads in the facilitation of criminal behaviour and organised crime. The success of Cross Bow can viewed as a public show of the strength of the regions police forces, restoring public faith in the ability of the police to effectively tackle high levels of crime inherent within Cheshire and the surrounding areas.

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