A new survey of matrimonial lawyers has found that the impact of the recession on divorce seems to be lessening. The survey, by Grant Thornton, reported that whilst the economic climate is still affecting divorce, both in terms of the number of couples divorcing and the value of assets in financial settlements, fewer couples than last year seem to be delaying proceedings solely for this reason.

Certainly, the increase in new divorce cases at Farleys over the past twelve month reflects the trend shown in the survey; with fewer couples now delaying proceedings than in previous years. It seems that the need for people to move on is their primary goal notwithstanding the current economic difficulties.

In addition, the annual surge in new divorce cases following the end of the summer holiday has been more prevalent this year than in any year since the impact of the financial crisis. This too seems to be indicative of couples, some of whom may have been ‘holding out’ until the economic climate showed signs of improvement, finally deciding enough is enough. News last week that the UK has left recession will perhaps further influence people in a similar situation.

An analysis of new divorce cases taken on by our divorce solicitors accords with the survey in that the most common reason giving rise to proceedings remains couples growing apart or falling out of love, with adultery being a very close second.

As also reported in the survey, our family client database indicates that women are significantly more likely to petition for divorce than their husbands.

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By Antonia Love, Family Law Solicitor