Uninsured drivers have been at the forefront of our local news recently when footage captured a driver driving through an area of road closure. It later transpired that the driver in question was driving without insurance.

As we are seeing with each day that goes by during the pandemic, there are more and more cars on the road as everyone begins to go back to work and try to resume some sort of normal.

It is traumatic enough to be involved in a road traffic accident, especially during these turbulent times, let alone to discover that the offending vehicle was not insured.

One may think that if a vehicle is not insured and is involved in an accident, a claim for compensation cannot be made. Think again…

As a motorist, we all pay a contribution in our insurance premiums towards the “Motor Insurers Bureau” [MIB], around £30 per year it is estimated. The MIB were founded in 1946 and are the body in place to compensate those who have been involved in accidents with an untraced [for example a “hit and run” type collision] driver or an uninsured driver.  This compensation can be for personal injury, vehicle damage and financial losses which result from the accident.

They also operate a “Green Card Scheme” which deals with road traffic accidents abroad involving the negligent driving of foreign motorists. Although we aren’t able to travel right now, it is something to know about in the future when we are all able to travel abroad.

There are two schemes in operation which deal with both untraced and uninsured motorists which set out the criteria to be met and details how they deal with claims. In the case of an uninsured motorist, they must first be satisfied that the offending motorist was uninsured and they must receive proof of this.

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