Liverpool Crown Court today convicted Father Michael Higginbottom of abuse at St Joseph’s College.

The abuse took place in the 1970’s shortly after the victim had arrived at the school. The abuse was described by the Judge as “cruel and sadistic”.

The victims evidence shows the terrible effect sexual abuse can have on the young.   He describes becoming numb to what was happening and that he cried so often he believed he could have drowned in his own tears.

This abuse is made worse because it is an abuse of trust. The abuser is a former priest.   The victim used to pray that he would die to escape the abuse.

The Judge in the case suggests that the abuse destroyed the victims childhood and his faith.

This is not the first time that allegations have been raised in relation to Higginbottom and it is likely that other victims will be there who have not already come forward.

This case is typical of many that we deal with and the long term implications for the teenager subjected to this terrible bullying are significant.

It unfortunately seems as though on a daily basis we are seeing more and more similar stories of people who have spent decades living with the effects of childhood abuse and only now feeling strong enough to come forward and see justice served.

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