With the kick-off of Euro 2024 expected to see a spike in domestic violence cases, survivors are encouraged to seek help and pursue legal support.

An investigation by Personal Injury Claims UK has found that less than 1% of domestic violence victims pursued any legal damages following abuse. It is important that survivors are aware that they may be entitled to apply for compensation having suffered abuse, particularly in light of the rise of domestic abuse during football games.

Police Forces and charities across the UK have launched campaigns to tackles domestic violence during the Euros. Research has found that cases of domestic abuse increase 38% when England lose a match and 26% when they win or draw.

Cumbria Police have advised survivors to get support from Victim Support Cumbria and Freedom Project West Cumbria and will be stationing plain clothed officers in pubs to monitor “signs of predatory behaviour”. Police are concerned with “heightened emotions and alcohol” during this time.

Warwickshire County Council have encouraged those experiencing domestic abuse to reach out to community services, while Hull hospital is signposting advice services that survivors can reach out to. Lincolnshire Police Force have partnered with the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Specialist Service (LDASS) and the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Partnership to show the support available.

Warwickshire Police Force said it saw a 12% increase in reported incidents on the day of the match and the day after when England played in Euro 2020 and reported cases of alcohol-related domestic abuse increased by 47% on days when the men’s England side won a World Cup or European Championship match.

Compensation for Domestic Abuse

Despite this increase of domestic violence, less than 1% of those who have experienced domestic violence pursued any legal damages following abuse. Of those, only 2% were awarded a compensation payment.

In West Yorkshire alone, police recorded a staggering 59,681 domestic abuse-related crimes between 1st November 2022 and 31st October 2023. Yet, PICUK discovered that just 3,765 domestic violence claims were received by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) last year, of which 16% were rejected and 82 of the claims were awarded damages paid out which amounted to £517,367 – averaging £6,300 per claim.

At Farleys, we regularly assist survivors of domestic violence in bringing CICA claims for the abuse that has been suffered. Many struggle with bringing claims themselves due to the complexities of such claims, suffering trauma, or not being aware that they are able to bring a claim.

If you have been the victim of a crime involving abuse, please contact one of our specialist lawyers. CICA claims are complex, and we would strongly recommend that if you do have a claim, you consult a lawyer who is experienced in such matters. It is these strict rules in particular that can cause potential pitfalls in abuse cases, with some solicitors misunderstanding the guidelines, failing to deal with the claim properly as a result.

To discuss your claim with one of our specialists in confidence, please contact our dedicated abuse line on 0330 134 6430, get in touch by email, or use the online chat below.