Please note: The information given in this article is correct as of 14/04/2020. Due to the ongoing nature of the coronavirus situation, guidance is subject to change and, as such, we would always recommend you speak with a solicitor for specific advice.

The impact of Covid19 is far reaching and is an extremely worrying time for small businesses. Many businesses have had to suspend trading, reduce staff or alter their normal working practices significantly.

A claim against your business can be a cause of stress at any time, but even more so in the current climate. If you receive a Claim Notification Form during ‘lockdown’ it is important to take action, rather than wait for the Covid-19 crisis to settle down. Many businesses may receive either claims relating to accidents at work from their employees/former employees, or claims from members of the public who may have been involved in an incident on your premises.

It is anticipated that opportunistic claims may rise in the current climate and it is important to arm yourself with the correct advice and assistance if you suspect your business has fallen prey to such a claim. We also expect that employers may be faced with an increase in claims relating to a failure to provide PPE in instances where a business has remained open.

If you are a small business and have received a Claim Notification Form or a Letter of Claim, and you require advice on the potential steps that you need to follow; Farleys can assist you. Contact our dedicated Personal Injury Department on 0845 287 0939 or by email, and one of our experienced team will be happy to help you.