Following a 20 percent increase in debt enquiries as individuals attempt to take back control of their finances in the wake of the winter overspend, Farleys Solicitors have launched a region wide debt awareness campaign across the whole of Lancashire. The campaign went live this Monday across local radio stations The Bee and 2BR with the aim of encouraging those facing personal bankruptcy to seek expert legal advice.

Debt is not a problem to be underestimated, causing emotional and psychological stress to those affected as well as placing an inevitable strain on family and home life. Contacting a specialist who has the technical skill and knowledge to advise you on your financial situation is crucial for those wishing to take the first step in regaining a sense of stability. As part of the drive to raise awareness, individuals who contact the firm will receive a free consultation from a solicitor offering confidential and impartial advice regarding their finances.

Mark Skinner, Head of Bankruptcy & Personal Insolvency, commented on the launch of the campaign:

“Having witnessed the effect debt can have on peoples lives it is essential those experiencing financial trouble realise that there are options available to them. The common mistake people often make is assuming they are beyond help or that the problem will just disappear. Taking the first step and speaking openly with a professional solicitor can often go a long way in terms of relieving the stress and worry that so often goes hand in hand with insolvency and debt matters.

“My advice to those battling with financial struggles would be to seek advice and support at the earliest opportunity. Regardless of how hopeless it may feel you are not alone, there are plenty of people who have been in similar situations who have successfully taken control and moved forward with their lives.”

Here at Farleys Solicitors we offer a comprehensive range of legal services across all Bankruptcy and Insolvency matters. For further information or for a free consultation with a specialist personal insolvency solicitor call 0845 050 1958.