Blackburn Rovers Football Club are undergoing a cost cutting exercise; making cuts to their staff in particular office, commercial and ground staff and at both Ewood Park football ground and the Brockhall training ground.

The Lancashire Evening Telegraph has reported that this is following reviews by accountancy firms Deloitte and KPMG and that the Club are asking a number of staff to accept voluntary redundancy with a termination package.

The Telegraph reports “Following recent reviews, specific areas of the club have been identified for potential restructures which are currently taking place.

It is further reported that a Rovers spokesman said the offer had been made across a number of departments identified for ‘possible restructures’.

Media reports quote John Murray, chairman of The Rovers’ Trust, as saying:

I fear those affected will be the little people at the club, those who most depend on the wage from their full or part time job……It is a consequence of Rover’s slipping down the divisions.

It’s important to remember that football clubs and the sports industry itself are not immune from employment law.

It is crucial that an employee takes employment law advice from the outset of matters in order that they understand their legal position and options and so that they have a strategy to maximise their position and entitlements.

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