The National Crime Agency reported on the 30th November that the United Kingdom has been involved in an operation with 29 other countries to dismantle Avalanche, a network used by cyber criminals to send malware infected emails following a four year investigation.

It was reported that the coordinated raids resulted in the demise of almost one million malicious web domains which were estimated to have caused millions of dollars in fraudulent transactions in over 180 countries. The coordinated raids within 30 countries are said to have resulted in the arrest of 5 individuals. The NCA reported that “at least 500,000 computers around the world were infected and controlled by the Avalanche system on any given day”.

Having been discovered in 2008, Avalanche was the name given to a criminal syndicate that used phishing attacks. Said to have originated in Eastern Europe, Avalanche infected computer using the Microsoft Windows O/S.

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