Statistics show the North West has the highest number of successful dental negligence claims in England and Wales. 325 claims were made in the region between 2018 and 2020 with North West patients making 160 more claims in that period than the second placed region, the South East.

Common Dental Negligence Claims

Some of the most common successful claims in the North West were:

  • Undiagnosed/misdiagnosed dental conditions which worsen and require further treatment as a result

  • Carrying a treatment out before acquiring consent or explaining a treatment so the patient fully understands what they are undergoing

  • Sustaining injuries or trauma to teeth, gums, jaw, face etc.

It is unclear why this area of the country has had significantly more claims than anywhere else but some suggest it could be as a result of a small number of practitioners providing consistently poor services as opposed to a broader problem with the state of dental services in the region.

There may still be a surge in dental negligence claims yet to come as the impact of coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions is seen, particularly in cases of delayed or misdiagnosis. Where practices were forced to close or accept smaller numbers of patient appointments, it is likely that any dental issues patients had faced in lockdown will have experienced a delay in diagnosis or treatment.

Some practices have continued to see patients via video consultations where there may be an increased risk of misdiagnosis compared to in-person consultations.

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