Antonia Love, Family Law Partner, Farleys SolicitorsOne of Lancashire’s leading divorce lawyers say that the EU Referendum results could potentially bring an increase in divorce cases, with many spouses rushing to instruct lawyers in light of any legal reforms as a result of Britain leaving the European Union.

Antonia Love, Partner at Farleys Solicitors has already seen a rise in enquiries since last week’s Brexit announcement, and is predicting a further rise in divorce proceedings due to the market uncertainty that the result has created.

Currently, EU law determines where divorce court proceedings can be commenced and enforcement options.

Antonia comments “the reality is that we don’t know what the changes will be once Britain leaves the EU, but I am already taking enquiries from spouses who have the option of issuing divorce proceedings in multiple EU jurisdiction and who want to ensure that the proceedings are heard in the jurisdiction that is most favourable to them.”

Alongside any potential legal reforms, the current market uncertainty could also lead to difficulties for couples already going through a divorce, with high value assets, particularly properties being harder to sell in order to share assets between divorcing spouses.

“At the moment, UK couples are less likely to be worried about the intricacies of EU law when it comes to divorcing. My clients’ biggest concerns at the moment are the impact of financial and property market uncertainty on values of assets during their ongoing divorce and financial proceedings.

“Spouses that have settled their divorce cases prior to Brexit may now be feeling a bit hard done by, for example, in a situation where one person has been left with cash and the other with property.

“Again, we can’t predict now what is going to happen over the coming months and years as the Brexit implications start to surface, but what is clear is that couples need to access professional legal and financial advice when considering separating, in order to minimise any risks and perhaps gain any rewards as a result of Brexit

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