When getting divorced what can often be troublesome is sorting out financial matters with your ex.  What should happen to the house?  What should happen with pensions?  Will you receive or have to pay maintenance?

In an ideal world you would agree everything with your ex without needing to involve anyone else but, sadly, that isn’t always possible.  You could try mediation but that might not work or you ex may not want to go.  If all attempts at negotiation fail then an application to court becomes the default alternative.

Making an application to court to deal with financial issues without legal representation can be a daunting prospect but isn’t instructing a solicitor to deal with this for you expensive?  Thanks to a new initiative being introduced exclusively at the Blackburn Family Court from January 2017 it might not be as expensive as you think.

The Blackburn Early Evaluation Protocol (“BEEP”) has been designed to allow for a more streamlined court procedure with potentially fewer hearings than would otherwise be the case.  A full-time Judge will also give guidance on the likely outcome of the case, so as to encourage early settlement of matters, much sooner than in the normal procedure.  Taken together, these factors should reduce potential legal costs making representation more affordable and also result in a quicker settlement of disputes.

It is a requirement that both parties are represented by a solicitor.  The solicitors must certify that the issues are suitable for the process.  It relies upon a willingness to get things done.  Not all cases will meet the criteria to use BEEP.  However if your case does fit within these parameters then there are potentially significant benefits to be achieved, both in costs and timescale.

If you want to know more and to consider if BEEP may be the way forward for you then speak to one of our specialist family lawyers on 0845 287 0939 or complete our online enquiry form.