When some couples get married it seems that the sky’s the limit in terms of cost.  Everything has to be perfect and no expense is to be spared.  ‘Budget’ is a word that can easily go out of the window.

However it is a sad fact of life that some marriages end in divorce.  Perhaps not surprisingly, when it comes to sorting out divorce and related issues those same couples become unwilling to spend a penny more than necessary.  When a car breaks down you can find the parts on the internet and fit them yourself.  Many people may not have either the tools or the skills to do that and so get someone else to do it for them.  Why then the reluctance sometimes to do the same when a marriage breaks down?

As with the car, it depends how badly it is broken as to how much help you may need and therefore how much it may cost.

If you are able to sort a settlement out yourselves then the use of a lawyer can be limited to preparing an order to give effect to that settlement.  If you want to reach an agreement without going to court then mediation or collaborative law may be a cost effective way forward for you.  If not then going to court could be the only option left.

Of course involving a solicitor to represent you in sorting out divorce and finances is not going to be cheap.  But it needn’t be as expensive as you might fear, particularly if you are both willing to work together.  This is where the Blackburn Early Evaluation Protocol (known as BEEP) comes in.  As from January 2017, this is a streamlined procedure available exclusively at Blackburn Family Court.  So long as both parties are represented by a solicitor and the issues you cannot agree on are relatively straightforward (cases with multiple complex issues will not be suitable) then using BEEP may make the process more affordable than you think, saving you the stress of dealing with attending court on your own.

BEEP works by limiting the number of hearings that take place and ensuring that a full-time Judge evaluates the case and offers both parties guidance at the earliest opportunity.  It will encourage early settlement without a fully contested hearing.  As well as saving costs this may also mean you are able to achieve an agreement sooner than you otherwise would thereby allowing you to move on.

To find out more about BEEP and how it may help you, speak to one of our specialists in our Family Law team on 0845 287 0939 or submit your enquiry through our online contact form.