Former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has been locked in disputes with his neighbour, former member of Take That, Robbie Williams for four years.

The latest dispute centres on Williams’ plans to convert the basement of his West London home into a swimming pool and gym facility. Page has argued that the excavations of the property next door to his Grade I listed Gothic-Style Tower House could have “catastrophic” effects on the home he has owned since 1972, citing the vibrations from excavations as being cause for concern.

The musicians have famously not got on for most of their time as neighbours; in 2013, after Williams had first laid out his plans for renovations, his builders were fined £3,000 for disturbing Page’s peace. Williams has also been very critical in the press of Page, even going so far as to imply he was deliberately looking for reasons to complain – Williams has since retracted these comments.

Now, the dispute over basement renovations looks set to drag on after Kensington and Chelsea Council’s planning committee failed to reach a decision to “consider what conditions and regulations might be appropriate.”

It is not uncommon for neighbours to have disputes over issues such as renovations, boundaries or noise issues and the rich and famous are not immune to it. Judi Dench, Rita Ora, Kate Moss, and George Clooney are just some of the well-known faces who have reportedly had disputes of varying degrees with their neighbours.

If you find yourself in a disagreement with your neighbour over any of the above issues, it is advisable to try and keep things friendly for as long as possible. Launching straight into a war of the words will not help to resolve the issue. Try and discuss your issue with your neighbour amicably; they may decide to agree with your point of view without the need for the issue to develop further.

If discussions do not lead to a suitable result or compromise, you should check your property deeds to ensure there are no covenants which prove one party to be in the wrong. Keeping a diary of any incidents that happen will also be useful if you need to issue court proceedings further down the line.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is also an avenue you may consider in reaching an agreement with the help of a property dispute specialist without the need for court proceedings.

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