The current pandemic has been tough on us all, particularly so for couples who were locked down with each other while their marriages took the strain of these extraordinary circumstances.

Unfortunately for some, the pressure and stress has taken its toll leading to the irretrievable breakdown of a number of marriages.

This certainly isn’t all doom and gloom though as it provides the opportunity for a fresh start while offering a much-needed light at the end of the tunnel. The current situation has undoubtedly caused some delay in the progression of divorces through the family court but there are some practical steps you can take now to ensure a smoother process going forward.

Communication is Key

Use this time to have a sensible discussion with your partner about how you would both hope to proceed with the separation and consider the practical arrangements:

How Will Your Finances and Assets Be Divided?

The division of finances can be a tricky issue to tackle, particularly if you have shared finances and have been together for a considerable amount of time. Opening the dialogue early and being flexible in your negotiations can help you come to a solution which suits both of you.

Additionally, if you own a home with your partner and both contribute to the mortgage, you should consider who will live where once you separate; will one of you will be able to take on the whole mortgage or will the property need to be sold?

Child Arrangements

You should discuss with your partner how child care will be arranged once you formally separate; whether your children will spend equal time with each parent or whether they will spend weekends with one and week days with the other etc. It is also important to consider whether your current situation with regards to employment and childcare is due to change, particularly if you are on furlough leave from work and whether a flexible plan will need to be in place to consider this.

If your discussions can remain as constructive as possible right now, it will make things easier as you progress through your divorce proceedings.

If you are finding it more difficult to come to any agreements, it may be necessary to take part in mediation with professionals who can help you to negotiate your agreements.

Most importantly, it’s vital to know where you stand legally so if you are considering separation or divorce, you should speak with a family law solicitor at the earliest opportunity to discuss the next steps. Arranging a case management meeting is always a helpful first step. To speak to an expert at Farleys Solicitors please call 0845 287 0939 or submit your enquiry online.