Please note: The advice given in this article is correct as of 02/04/2020. As the situation continues to develop, guidance from the courts may change. While we will do our best to update our blogs as and when things change, we would always advise you speak with a solicitor for specific advice.

As if separating from your partner is not hard enough we are now all in lockdown and you may find yourself in lockdown with the very person from whom you wish to live apart from sooner rather than later. So what can you do to make progress?

There are things you can do that may assist with a smoother progression to your final separation. We are all in an unprecedented time of life and we, as lawyers, like everyone else are learning new ways to do things. Like never before the courts are holding telephone hearings as opposed to face to face hearings. This may become the new normal once this crisis is over as people realise that this is all possible.

If you are in lockdown with your ex-partner do try to use this as an opportunity to have sensible dialogue about how you are going to divide your assets once you separate, and how you are going to arrange the care of your children once you live apart.

You can, and indeed should, take legal advice about any proposed agreement. We are still business as usual in Farleys’ Family Law Team during lockdown and we can arrange meetings by telephone, skype or facetime so you can make an informed decision about any proposed agreement. We are continuing to operate all our range of services within the team and if you need assistance please contact us on 0845 287 0939 or send your enquiry online.