The UK will be the first to launch the ground-breaking direct vision standard for urban charges and lorry bans.

The rationale behind the new scheme is multi faceted. London has increased concerns for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists alike, with Lorries being connected to 58% of cyclist deaths and 22.5% of pedestrian deaths in the London area.

Such statistics together with the ever growing concerns of pollution, in all its forms especially, air quality have led the Transport of London and Greater London Authority refusing the future signing of contracts using zero standard trucks. As a result by 2024 only trucks rated 3* and above will be allowed in the city.

The Government has also announced 32 local authorities across England that have taken further action on air quality. It is likely many others will follow suit.

FTA’s Head of National & Regional Policy, Christopher Snelling, commented that ‘Over the next three years a series of blanket restrictions will come into force in UK cities for HGV’s and vans. With retrofitting of existing vehicles unlikely to be an option for most operators, transport managers NEED to be prepared for what is ahead, so the procurement of future fleets can be planned.’

Iveco’s Alternative Fuel Director, Martin Flach, has applauded the local authorities’ efforts to improve city air quality but has warned that the impact is likely to be great on truck operators with many having to replace significant parts of their fleets to avoid heavy penalties.

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