A new scheme for vehicle operators is due to come into force in early 2018, and will aim to promote compliance.  It will focus the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency’s (DVSA) attention on the ‘rule breakers’ who pose a risk to the wider public.

Earned Recognition is a voluntary fleet accreditation scheme, for operators of all sizes, introduced by the DVSA and it is not expected to go mandatory. Its primary goals are to reduce wasted costs. There is an estimated 15,600 vehicles stopped by the DVSA each year with a hefty price tag of £4000 per day, per vehicle. The scheme aims to reduce 89.9% of unnecessary stops in 2015 and the estimated cost of £30,000 to SME’s  per year on vehicle downtime.

This will allow the DVSA to prioritise its resources and easily identify those that demonstrate high standards of compliance.

The DVSA will begin a pilot scheme for those who meet the requirements including; having held a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or public service vehicle (PSV) operator licence for at least 2 years; having digital management systems for vehicle maintenance and driver’s hours; and a good track record of compliance with driver and vehicle standards.

Those awarded the earned recognition status are expected to benefit from;

  • Reduced burden of enforcement activities
  • Appear on a published list on the government’s website
  • Confidence in management system in continually monitoring compliance
  • The use of the DVSA ER marque on their marketing materials and documentation.

Operators wishing to apply for this status will need to undergo an audit of their compliance systems by a DVSA approved auditor. They will use the key performance data on vehicle maintenance and driver analysis. This information will be shared with the DVSA; however the DVSA will not have direct access operators data.

Would you benefit from the scheme? Do you wish to register your interest in the pilot scheme? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or a member of Farleys’ transport department on 0845 287 0939 or complete our online enquiry form to discuss this further.