Road Safety Week, coordinated by the charity Brake, begins on Monday 19th November and will this year focus on the safety of cyclists and motorcyclists on UK roads.

Statistics show that in 2016 there were more than 18,000 casualties involving cyclists and more than 19,000 involving motorcyclists proving them to be two of the most vulnerable road users.

Despite these risks, there have been an increasing number of cyclists on the roads year on year as more people see the health and economic benefits of leaving their cars at home.

By adopting this year’s theme for Road Safety Week, Bike Smart, Brake is hoping to deliver safer journeys which encourage cyclists onto the roads which will reduce congestion and improve public health with fewer risks of injury or fatalities.

Brake says “This Road Safety Week (19-25 November) we are shouting about the safety of those on two wheels and encouraging everyone to be Bike Smart. We can all play our part in raising awareness about the importance of protecting those on bikes.”

There are three main aims to this year’s campaign:

  1. To encourage policy makers to implement changes that protect cyclists including cycle friendly infrastructure and life-saving technology.

  2. To remind drivers of other vehicles to be Bike Smart, look out for bike riders, reduce their speed and give the riders plenty of space.

  3. To remind cyclists and motorcyclists to also remain Bike Smart by practicing safety riding behaviours and ensuring they have the correct training and equipment before taking to the road.

More than 100 riders are injured every day on our roads and motorcyclists are 38 times more likely to die following a crash than car occupants per mile ridden so it is clear why Road Safety Week’s aims are so important.

Throughout the week, businesses and individuals will be raising awareness for bike safety through talks, challenges and banners and Brake is encouraging everyone to take part.

To learn more about Road Safety Week or Brake, take a look at the Brake website.

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