In the days before the internet, it was not uncommon for spouses to complain about their significant other being more interested in golf than in them leading to the phrase “golf widow”.  Of course, golf was not always the culprit but various other sports and activities would have the same impact on a relationship.  With the advent of the internet, the potential strains on a relationship have expanded, the latest being social media in its many forms be it Facebook, Twitter or any other that takes your fancy.

Increasingly social media is impacting on families and relationships.  It can lead to arguments and accusations being made.  It can more generally result in a couple becoming more emotionally detached from each other.  No doubt we have all witnessed a couple in a restaurant who, rather than gazing in to each other’s eyes, simply sit there staring at their phone screens instead.

It is now more common for spouses to cite issues arising out of the use of social media as the reason for the breakdown of a marriage.  Social media can be a useful tool when used in the right way but shouldn’t become all consuming otherwise the next step might be changing your status to “single”.

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