This blog follows on from the previous blog: ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome- The Triad

Many medical professionals, police and prosecutors believe that once the ‘triad’ of symptoms is found then it very strongly suggests that it happened as a result of shaking the baby even if there are no other signs that the child has been shaken aggressively, for example, there may be a complete absence of bruising, marks or fractures.

On the other hand, there are many sceptics who do not believe by looking at a scan or x-ray that it can be deduced that a baby has been shaken aggressively. There is growing debate over whether these symptoms can have other causes. Some studies show that small falls or bleeding in the head during vaginal births may also be associated with the ‘triad’ of symptoms. It is argued that the diagnoses is used too freely and this can result in innocent people going to prison or having their children removed.  There have been many high profile cases in which the triad prosecutions have been overturned.

Some research by bio-mechanical engineers says you can’t shake a baby with so much force that you cause internal head injuries but leave no external marks, bruises or injuries to the neck or spine.

It must be said that in most cases, the so-called triad isn’t solely relied upon for diagnosing head trauma; there may well be other examinations and/or further evidence which point in the direction of child abuse.

Babies crying is normal, it’s OK to walk away for a few minutes as long as your baby is safe. If you or someone you know is struggling with the issues mentioned in this series of blogs then do not hesitate to seek help.

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