I was pleased to read in the news today that there have been more charges brought against paedophiles operating in the Rochdale area.

I have said in previous blogs that my experience with the Rochdale victims lends me to believe that there are many more men walking the streets of Rochdale who have been involved in the systematic abuse of children in that town.
Clients I act for describe regularly seeing their abusers in the town and on one occasion recently when visiting a local Hospital.

These people need to be removed from our streets and it is encouraging to see that GMP are at last taking steps to arrest further possible abusers as a result of their ongoing investigations.
I have commented in previous blogs that the prosecutions arising from Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford are the tip of a massive iceberg and I suspect that many more prosecutions will follow, not only in these towns but in many similar towns across the country.

My experience of Rochdale suggests that the victims have been badly let down by the authorities, particularly the Police and Social Services and as a specialist abuse department we are still receiving new enquiries from victims in Rochdale. In order to efficiently tackle the serious issue of child sexual exploitation we must adopt what Sam Monaghan director of children’s charity Barnado’s labels as “victim focused culture” within the police, health, and children’s service. It is crucial that conscious effort is made to encourage victims to come forward rather than stigmatise them for previous injustices they have suffered.

Here at Farleys Solicitors we realise the prospect of initially filing an abuse claim can seem overwhelming. Our dedicated abuse claims solicitors have a wealth of expertise helping victims pursue claims against their abusers and are here to support you through the entirety of the claims process. For a confidential conversation with a specialist solicitor contact us now on 0845 050 1958, or please complete the online enquiry form. Alternatively we also run a free abuse online chat service where you can speak directly to an experienced member of the abuse claims department, for further details see here.