John Price, 82, from North Yorkshire, has been convicted of indecently assaulting boys at York Methodist Church and whilst he served as a minister in East Yorkshire.

Price had denied all 13 counts of sexual assault between the 1970’s and 80’s on victims aged between 11 and 17.

Jurors were informed that the children involved were offered hypnosis to alleviate stress and pain before actually being molested by the retired minister.

It was reported that the disgraced minister would often use a blanket, or cloak as part of his technique, while telling one boy to hold a 50p piece until he dropped it, believing then his victim was in a trance.

It was further stated that on one occasion the defendant groped one boy in the vestry whilst attempting to hypnotise him to help cope with his nerves, molested another in his home whilst his wife and daughter were away from the property, and indecently touched another whilst offering to help him cope with his stress.

The victims involved stated that they were not hypnotised, but frozen with shock at the minister’s criminal actions.

The allegations made against Price were strikingly similar throughout and will no doubt result in prison being an inevitable consequence of his sordid actions.

Price is due to be sentenced on 13 June 2017.

Unfortunately as is widely reported, incidents of sexual abuse remain far too prevalent in our society and all too frequently involve the perpetrators of such abuse being in positions of trust and authority.

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