BOTH Barry Bunyan and Ruth Whittingham, of Northwest law firm Farleys Solicitors LLP, have qualified as specialist Collaborative lawyers.

Collaborative law is a revolutionary new method which aims to ease the pain for divorcing couples and their children. Instead of expensive, lengthy adversarial court battles, couples are able to work together with their solicitors to reach an agreement tailored to their needs, without the restrictions the present divorce law imposes.

Collaborative lawyers meet face to face, disposing of the need for lengthy correspondence. The couple are fully involved at all stages, and determine the pace of progress. There are also Collaboratively trained counsellors and financial advisors, who can also assist where necessary.

Of the new approach, Barry, an Associate Partner in the firm’s family law department, said, “Collaborative law can be particularly helpful where children are involved, the fundamental basis being respect and understanding”.

Judges at most courts now accept the terms of court orders which have been reached via Collaborative law, when they simply would not have been able to under the conventional process.

Commenting on the new Collaborative way, Ruth, based in Farleys’ Manchester branch, said, “Often unconventional solutions are required to help the couple and any children involved, Collaborative law enables us to do this in a way the traditional approach simply cannot”.

The traditional divorce process can be upsetting and painful, the Collaborative approach is fundamentally different, everyone involved is working towards the goal of reaching a workable solution, without going to court and giving the judge the ability to impose an order, which often neither person wants.

If you would like to discuss your divorce or separation and think Collaborative law may help you, contact a Farleys solicitor now for expert legal advice on 0845 287 0939, or you can e-mail us.