Michael Hoolickin was murdered by a Prolific and Priority Offender, who was on licence after serving a prison sentence for a serious and unprovoked violent offence. Upon release, he was categorised as presenting a High risk of Serious Harm to the Public, specifically to adult males of a similar age. He was under the supervision of the National Probation Service who were working with Greater Manchester Police under the Integrated Offender Management scheme. In the months leading up to Michael’s death, the offender repeatedly breached his licence conditions but was not recalled.

Michael’s inquest heard evidence from key witnesses including his Offender Manager and Police Officers that revealed that in the months prior to Michael’s murder, that the offender’s risk was escalating to the point where professionals believed the risk he posed to other individuals, including a risk to life, that could no longer be managed safely in the community.

The inquest into Michael’s tragic death has revealed a number of missed opportunities by the National Probation Service to ensure that appropriate systems were in place, and steps were taken to ensure that this offender was being monitored properly and complying with his licence conditions to ensure the safety of the public. Had these failings not occurred, the offender would have most likely been recalled to custody and not have been in the community and able to kill Michael Hoolickin.

Important lessons must be learned from this death to ensure this does not continue to happen in the future to ensure the safety of the public. Michael’s family have been left utterly devastated by his murder and have to live with knowing that Michael’s death could have been prevented.

Garry and Leslie Hoolickin, Michael’s parents have said:

“We are shocked at what Michael’s inquest has revealed. We are particularly concerned that this offender was allowed to repeatedly breach his licence conditions in light of the high risk to the public he posed.

We are disgusted at what has gone on and we feel let down very badly. It was Michael’s 30th birthday last Tuesday and it was the hardest day for us as a family. If things had been done differently, Michael would have been celebrating with us.

We do not want any other family to have to go through what we have been through and we are desperate for changes to be made to stop this from happening again”.

The family were represented by Kelly Darlington of Farleys Solicitors and Anna Morris of Garden Court Chambers.