Massey Hall School was a County Council run approved school in Warrington.  In the late 1990’s the abuse was investigated by the Police as part of Operation Nevada, a high profile enquiry into abuse claims.

I have recently received instructions from a further victim of alleged abuse at the school. As with Stonecross School in Cumbria I suspect that there are still many victims of abuse at these establishments who are yet to come forward. Just because these assaults took place many years ago does not prevent Claimants pursuing an action. The sooner that we are contacted the better and if you have suffered abuse at either Massey Hall School or Stonecross School you should contact the writer without delay.

Childhood abuse can have a long lasting psychological effect on Claimants. Victims will often struggle for many years to cope with what happened or will try and “box away” their feelings in an attempt to remove themselves from the past trauma they have suffered. This is often only a temporary solution, as the box can be only opened by a stress trigger such as seeing a news item about similar abuse causing the horrors of their past to resurface. This coping mechanism along with other factors can be attributed as to why victims of abuse may wait many years before coming forward and speaking out against their abuser.

Understandably the initial thought of pursuing an abuse claim can feel like a daunting experience, therefore it is essential Claimants contact an experienced solicitor who specialise exclusively in abuse claims. If you have been affected by historic abuse, particularly in a school or institution we would be happy to provide you with free initial advice as to the prospects of pursuing a claim. Our dedicated solicitors have a wealth of experience assisting victims of physical and sexual abuse attain the justice they deserve, even where the abuse has occurred over twenty years before. To speak an abuse claims solicitor contact Farleys on 0845 050 1958, alternatively please complete an online enquiry form. We also run a free confidential online chat service, for further details see here.