Three Eastern European men living in London and Bristol have each been sentenced for 20 years imprisonment for their roles in a conspiracy to import high purity cocaine into the UK.

Sdamet Gjorllaka, originally from Albania, Sadri Lika, also originally from Albania, and Adriatik Spahia, originally from Kosovo, were arrested in October 2013 following an investigation aimed at uncovering a conspiracy to import and supply Class A drugs. The investigation was conducted by the Middle Market Drugs Partnership (MMDP) assisted by the Slovenian, Dutch and French police.

The MMDP is a joint partnership between Specialist, Organised, and Economic Crime (SOEC) and Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). The MMDP deal solely with Class A drug supply in London exceeding minimum levels of half a kilogram of heroin or a kilogram of cocaine, or where an operation is deemed likely to exceed eight weeks.

Adriatik Spahia, aged 26, was arrested after investigators observed a refrigerated lorry with a Slovenian registration parked in a lay-by on a duel carriageway near to Rainham, Essex. A search of the lorry was carried out and revealed 18 kilograms of cocaine hidden amongst a legitimate load of ice-cream. Spahia had been driving the vehicle and was arrested. Investigators had also observed a second vehicle near to the lay-by, driven by Sdamet Gjorllaka, aged 26, and Sadri Lika, aged 31. Both men were later arrested in Dagenham, Essex.

A spokesman for the MMDP stated;

“The conviction and sentencing of these men is a significant victory in the fight against organised crime… The MMDP will continue to disrupt the unlawful activities of any criminals who seek to import and distribute drugs throughout London.”

All three men were sentenced last week at Maidstone Crown Court for their roles in the conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. They each received 20 years imprisonment. The maximum sentence for conspiracy to supply a Class A drug is life imprisonment.

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