The inquest into the death of Jake Aldred recently took place at Bootle Town Hall, before HM Assistant Coroner Johanna Thompson and a jury.

Jake sadly died on 29th March 2017 at Lyme House, Transitional Rehabilitation Unit. Jake lived in the unit as an inpatient, as a result of him suffering from a traumatic brain injury and epilepsy following a road traffic accident in March 2009.

The inquest sat with a jury, who reached the conclusion that Jake died of aspiration pneumonia, due to a seizure, due to post-traumatic epilepsy. Jake was found dead in his room at 3pm by staff at Lyme House, having not been seen since 10.21pm the previous evening. This meant that Jake did not receive either his morning or lunch time medication on the date on which he died. No attempt was made to check on Jake during this time.

Despite generally being compliant with his epilepsy medication, Jake still suffered from regular seizures. He had recently been conveyed to hospital following prolonged seizures.

Jake’s care guidance suggested that at 9am on 29th March 2017, Jake should have been awoken by carers had he not got himself up already. He should then have shortly thereafter been reminded to get up. Throughout the day, Jake should have been checked on at least hourly by staff at Lyme House. This did not happen.

The jury were not able to determine based on the evidence heard at the inquest how long the aspiration pneumonia took to develop. They did however find it likely that Jake had been dead for at least around 2 hours when he was found.

They found that, if Jake had been alive at 8am and had he been given his morning anti-seizure medication, the seizure that lead to his death might have been averted and Jake may have survived. They also found that, if Jake had been found by a carer whilst having a seizure and had been given his emergency medication, it is likely that he would have survived.

Jake’s family were represented by Kelly Darlington of Farleys Solicitors and Rebecca Sutton of St Johns Buildings.

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