Farleys’ criminal law specialists were instructed to act on behalf of a mother who had been charged with the possession of an offensive weapon during an altercation outside her home.


Our client was a mother to a toddler, who had just moved home after being in a baby unit. In the week prior to the incident in question, our client’s home had been burgled and she had also been the victim in an incident which results in charges against a third party for GBH, false imprisonment, and criminal damage against her.

These experiences meant she was feeling on edge on the day in question and didn’t feel safe in any setting.

While she was unloading her belongings out of her car with a friend, they were approached by two people who were attempting to sell them stolen goods. Our client declined and told them to leave. An argument then ensued and one of the people who had approached them then took an iron bar out of their bag and made to threaten our client and her friend.

Our client then claimed she was acting in defence of herself and her child in producing a lump hammer which she already had in her possession.

A witness to the incident reported the incident to the police and our client was arrested and charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Garry Leaver of Farleys’ criminal defence team was instructed to advise and represent our client.

Garry advised her to elect for her case to be escalated to the Crown Court as he believed this would give her a better chance of a fair outcome for our client.

Garry then presented our client’s statement and argument to the prosecution. The prosecution accepted the argument and offered to settle her case with our client pleading guilty to a lesser public order offence for which she was sentenced by way of a conditional discharge. This meant our client received no sentence, subject to her not committing any further crimes.

On the outcome of the case Garry commented,

Conditional discharges in the Crown Court are incredibly rare so I am pleased to have been able to achieve this outcome for our client. There were extenuating circumstances which led to the incident on the day and we’re glad the prosecution has accepted these and allowed our client to continue with her life and raising her young child.

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