Having a baby is a huge milestone in life, and parents are now encouraged to have a plan and envisage how they want the birth of their child to happen such as electing a birth suite or hospital, water birth, home birth, choosing music etc.

Thankfully this is a huge leap from the 15th century in Europe, when childbirth was considered so dangerous that once a woman found out she was pregnant, she would make out her will! Whilst childbirth is no longer considered so dangerous sadly not all births go to plan.

Errors during critical stages can have profound and life long impacts on mothers and babies. In previous years failures have been highlighted at hospitals such as Furness Hospital where it was found that failings led to the avoidable deaths of one mother and 11 babies. More recently, the Shropshire Maternity Scandal which addressed the failing of Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital led to the Jeremy Hunt in 2017 ordering an investigation into 23 cases.

In 2020/2021, maternity claims made up 59% of the total paid out by the NHS from compensation claims. In response to the rising statistics, the Government announced that the NHS will receive a total of £5 million funding to improve maternity safety.

They aim that by 2025, the rate of stillbirths, neonatal deaths, maternal deaths, and brain injuries which occur during or soon after birth will be halved.

Farleys Solicitors have dealt with an abundance of birth negligence cases where not only have they not gone to plan but they have left either mother or baby seriously ill and sadly in some situations have resulted in death.

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